red car on an alignment rack

When your car, truck or SUV begins to shake, vibrate or pull to either side while driving it typically means it's time to bring it into our shop here at RCI Jeep & 4x4 in Melbourne, for an alignment!  Doing so early will save serious wear and tear on tires and it is an easy fix when we catch it early.  But what exactly is a tire alignment and why is it important?

We look at our customer's vehicles each time they come in and set up a vehicle maintenance plan for them, alignments are part of your vehicle maintenance and checked typically every 6,000 miles on average.  Wheel alignments ensure optimal vehicle driving and help your tires last longer, your vehicle will drive better.  

Alignments can also be necessary after a shock to your front wheels like running through a pothole or hitting a curb on our local streets here in Melbourne. The suspension and front end assembly of your vehicle you drive are comprised of many different components, which keep your tires centered and resting flat on the pavement. When things wear out or move over a fairly long period of time, it’s necessary to reset your front end components to get your car, truck, or SUV driving straight again. Avoid driving too much if you believe your tires need an alignment; investing in a repair at RCI Jeep & 4x4 as soon as you notice any of the symptoms listed as the more you drive, the worse the damage is. 

Important Tips: To save you hundreds on repairs with new tires, suspensions & steering parts, make sure to look at your tires for uneven tread wear.

Signs of Off Alignment Checklist:

- Your car or truck pulling to one side or the other is a great sign that you need an alignment.  Simply get on a straight road like an interstate and release the wheel for a few seconds and see if it pulls.  When you come into the shop let us know which side it pulls towards.

- If the steering wheel is crooked! Your alignment is off!  Sounds odd but it is true, looking at your steering wheel when you are going straight if it isn't properly lined up you DO have a problem.  

- When you are driving on a smooth road and your steering wheel is vibrating or shaking we have a problem which could be an alignment or it could be a tire balance problem. 

- Your tires are starting to wear unevenly or rapidly is a sign of needing an alignment.

Trust our team of highly trained mechanics at RCI Jeep & 4x4, to diagnose your vehicle issues and get you safely on the road.  An alignment when you first notice the issue will save you the costs of replacement tires and suspension parts plus the dramatically improve the drive quality of your vehicle. Our mechanics will align your wheels and front end quickly, and do it right. Come by RCI Jeep & 4x4 in Melbourne and get your alignment troubles taken care of today!

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